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6. The Forest Never Sleeps.jpg

The Owl turned his head as the Leaf made his jump. while Breeze, this fellow mad tickled him with a bump. Two lurking eyes sparkled in the night, reflecting the starlit sky painted by Moonlight. A howl pierced the air and woke the Slumberers up. Deep in the Dragon's lair, a smile answered the pup. Beating drums are echoing around and melodies are spinning high. Someone asked: "What is this sound?", "Hush", Gail said: "They call it Psy!" Magical words the Wizard speaks, and a watchful eye over all them keeps. The Forest never sleeps, the Forest… never sleeps! Compiled by Yudhisthira and Kala


November 5, 2014

Compiled by Kala & Yudhisthira
Mastering by BMR (Ognen Zafirovski)
Cover Artwork by Gasper Kranjc
Layouts by Joe the Glow

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