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After years of producing music with our close group of friends, developing a style that was not fitting in the current trends of the scene, finding a record label was a hard job for us, so we came to the idea to open our own and bring that sound to the world.
Forestdelic records was born from the idea in Ljubljana Slovenia year 2013. April 13th we released the very first Various artists compilation named "The Wicked Gail's Trail". Definitely, a piece that marked the Forestdelic sound into the psytrance culture. Going from month to month, 10 years passed and we are still continuing our work, currently, 15 artists and 9 Djs, 82 releases, from EPs, and albums to VAs, and nineteen of them were printed on a Cd.
From party to party and festival to festival, your positive feedback is telling us that Forestdelic Records has become a big part of the global Psytrance scene, spreading good vibes and funky psychedelic grooves.

Greetings from the bottom of our hearts for the support!

Forestdelic Records Team.
Where the story matters!


April 13, 2023

Compiled by Forestdelic
Mastering: BMR
Cover Artwork: Fernando Fetex


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