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Country: Macedonia

Out of the depth of the Macedonian underground, a duo with a unique character is making a groundbreaking on the international scene! Ogi (Yudhisthira) and Darko (Kala) have joined their power in creating AntHill, a kicking new project of non-compromising nighttime psychedelic trance, exploring full power blasting dance music fuelled by their individual experience and production skills.
Ant Society features three lively and vibrant tracks full of murmuring synths and flickering sound bursts that are not recommended for anyone wishing to stay peacefully calm and composed. Complex and twisted like an anthill maze, they are perfectly structured and organized like the society of ants and will definitely make you shift your mind from micro to macro planes. If you feel the rumbling beneath your feet, jump into the anthill and set yourself on an electric trip to find out how deep the underground goes. 

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