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Boogie Knight

Country: Hungary

Boogie Knight is the newborn alter ego for a funky-boogie-psytrance project. Miska a.k.a. Dr. Space from Hungary learned and played traditional South African music for years and started his music career in a psychedelic/space rock band, playing electronic drums, FX instruments, and traditional percussion. As their concerts warmed up, followed by DJ sets, he also started playing his electronic selection of different genres from triphop to psytrance. Gig by gig he felt more complete DJ-ing only fort the dancefloor and so played his first festival set as Dr. Space in 2009 at 4.49 psychedelic gathering. He became well known, and is considered one of the pioneers of the underground Hungarian scene today, asked to entertain the crowds at most domestic promotion crews, as well as many international parties and festivals. 

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