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Dr Space

Country: Hungary

Miska a.k.a. Dr. Space is a part of the RadioOzora DJ rooster since its establishment. Resident DJ and stage manager of the Ozorian mainstage. He started his musical career in a psychedelic band on the percussions, learned and played traditional South-African music for years. As their concerts warmed up, followed by DJ/sets, he also started playing his eclectic selection of different genres from triphop to psytrance. Gig by gig he, felt more complete DJ-ing only for the dancefloor and played his first psytrance DJ-set as „Dr. Space“ in 2009.
Thence he became well-known and is considered one of the pioneers of the underground Hungarian scene, playing for all the domestic crews, as well as parties and festivals abroad in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Israel, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Slovenia, India, Germany, etc.
He plays diverse psytrance sets smoothly adapted to the needs of the party, giving a perfect transition warming up or down any headliners. Mixing in the fringe of different sub-styles to give a groovy psychedelic journey between 142-150 BPM both day and night.
His confession is, that psychedelic trance producers are significant visionary artists of our age, and this style of music always has to be innovative and surprising technically, nevertheless primordial in the impressions. He released his first compilation ''Sunset Temple'' at Forestdelic records in May 2017. 

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