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Country: Ukraine

In mystical teachings, which is owned and shamanism, with its inherent totems, the lizard is always referred to as "satellite shaman." Itself, as a totem, it carries a lot of different magical qualities, it is - a useful totem. The lizard wakes in man the ability to easily and safely be suspended from all that burdens us. It can help to break with the past. Help Lizards - the shadow side of reality, where dreams are considered before a person decides to exercise them physically. Lizard - Assistance Dreams (dreams), who can always help you see the shadow. This shadow can be fears, hopes, or the thing itself (business), which the person resists.
Lacerta is a symbiosis of two lizards: Alexander Trufanov aka *Ala Kato*. Russia - Karelia and Andrey Averin aka *djOkujah*. Ukraine – Crimea.
The conceptual experiment created by the magical forests of Karelia and Crimea, combines the bright colors of the magical sound. Lacerta sound is a mixture of night psychedelic trance smoothly turning into the morning tunes.
Major releases the project presents such labels as Forestdelic records & Space Baby Records, Also some tracks were presented on such labels: Kunayala Rec., Chill Out Planet Rec., Colowrath Rec.

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