Oak Tales

Country: Macedonia

Oak Tales is a DJ name of Mihail Solakov born in Skopje, Macedonia

My First touch with psychedelic trance music is in 2005/2006 on gigs in and around Skopje. After traveling to European festivals for a few years and experiencing different styles of psychedelic trance I found himself deeply touched by the magic of the so-called forest psychedelic sounds. Since this music was kind of lacking at the parties last years in my hometown in 2014 I decided to start spinning some tracks, do some parties, and promote this style to the new generation of free spirits around here. In 2016 I got invited to the Forestdelic Records family and since then I'm representing this label.
When I'm playing at a party I try never to repeat myself and I’m not sticking to one style of music. I always try to feel the people’s energy and the mood of the party and there is much difference in what I play in order if it’s an outdoor gathering or indoor club party.
The DJ sets I play are a combination of Scandinavian deep and abstract forest sounds to more groove and dynamic/rhythmic tunes.
In 2016 I started working on my debut VA which will be released for Forestdelic Rec at the beginning of 2018.

Since not I’ve been playing on festivals and gigs around the Balkans ( Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia ) and I'm looking forward to performing in other places to share the vibe with the rest of the world.