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Pin Pin

Country: Israel

Born in the suburbs of NYC, Pinpin Feierman moved to northern Israel at the age of 14 where he discovered the world of psychedelic trance. Pinpin immediately fell in love with psy trance and dove head-first into the scene. At the age of 18, he started working with one of the biggest production companies in Israel, Moksha Production, where he is now a partner. Inspired, Pinpin started making parties of his own where the people fell in love with the music he played and he fell in love with what his music did to the crowd. Pinpin went on to play countless festivals and parties all around the world.

His urge to learn more and to produce his own music brought him to BPM college where he graduated the “EMP” course for electronic music production. As if making people dance and smile wasn't enough, Pinpin’s great desire to help others brought him to study music and sound therapy in IDC. Five years after finishing his studies, he is still producing events such as the recent Indigo festival, and of course still making and playing music for the world to dance to. “Can’t wait to see what’s coming around the door.”

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