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As spring sets foot in this year new things are starting to sprout here at Forestdelic. While we're all adapting to an unusual lifestyle and trying to remain in optimal moods, what better way to do it than do it with a great soundtrack in the background.

Our longtime companions Lacerta are back again with a new chapter of their story about the adventures of the lizard Esther. If you haven't heard of her yet, she's a singing lizard that lives on a green island and her singing is the foghorn that alarms sailors who often become lost in the misty waters around the island. Her life is a long and epic legend waiting to be discovered by many, and Lacerta is revealing the parts of it one by one to us all. She also has an orchestra that accompanies her singing and this one's all about their usual repertoire. In times of restricted movement, join us for an imaginative adventure to the outskirts of the mental universe and a cosmic Rendez-Vous with these peculiar creatures!


April 29, 2020

Written & Produced by Averin Andrii & Alexander Trufanov
Mastered by Ognen Zafirovski
Cover art by Joe the Glow

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