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The world is in a state of mass media control and oppression in almost every aspect of life. The planetary issues regarding the human race are constantly weighed in favor of personal profit and the are slowly and steadily paving the path to a mass extinction. We have left the world to explore our consciousness and the mysteries of life only to be called back by a red light alarm signal our nature rings louder every day.
As the answer to that call, Kala and Tiann have gathered some of the finest producers in our Forestdelic roster, and created a vehicle for Revisiting The World and supplying all of it’s residents a special dose of sonic medicines, brought straight from the depths of our forest habitats, to heal the allround disease that is spreading quickly and vastly as the time goes by.


December 27, 2019

Compiled by Kala & Tiann
Mastering by BMR (Ognen Zafirovski)
Initial Artwork by Gasper Kranjc
Recomposition, coloring and layout by Joe The Glow

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