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39. Gail's Gift Sack.jpg

With the winter at the door, the forest is woven with fresh air and the fragrance of pines, and icycles are drizzling with crystal clear dew. Gail is ready for the holiday season, as he has been visiting all the mountain neighbours in their caves and he filled his sack with more goodies than we can imagine. Some of them he decided to keep for himself, as to keep him entertained and busy during the coming chilly days, but some of them he packed carefully to share with all of us.

We at Forestdelic have received a whole pile of gift packs at our address this morning, and had the pleasure to try them out for ourselves first, and we can tell you, Gail made a compilation of the best of the best sounds the cave dwellers produced lately. As we’re still dancing to all of them repeatedly, we’re obliged by him to also share them free of charge with all of you, so feast your ears and treat your feet to a stomping holiday season!


December 28, 2018

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