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Coming to the closing of the festival season here at Forestdelic records, we are pleased to welcome yet another magnificent artist, collaborator and friend amongst us, Kliment Dichev. Following his album and various releases worldwide by his uniquely eclectic project by the name of Once Upon A Time, the newest and no-less surprising ‘Matters of Spirit’ ep is ready to meet the light of day.
We are growing unpatient to share with all of you what we have heard so far, and we are looking so very forward towards future releases from this act. As the shift of seasons is approaching, be sure not to miss this essential refreshment of your senses and prepare for an inner reflective journey in the months to come!


October 1, 2018

Track No. 1 W&P by Kliment Dichev & Lubomir Angelov
Track No. 2 W&P Kliment Dichev & Darko Toromanoski
Track No. 3 W&P by Kliment Dichev & Lubomir Angelov
Mastered by Ognene Zafirovski
Cover art by Joe the Glow

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