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34. Circle Movements.jpg

Everything spins around in circles. Our clocks, the planets in our solar system, the seasons and all those things affected by them consequently. We are all on a big rotational wheel that is moving constantly even without our notice. It is the circle of life.

Our native DJ and producer Tiann is back again with a new selection of his favorite flavours this year, with his second VA featuring some of the finest label and guest artists you already know very well. These ten dance infused groovers carefully prepared for this release are ranging from the bold experiments of new and enthusiastic producers to the skillfully crafted magical formulas of some psychedelic trance veterans. They all have a distinct story and feel to it that will take us past our mundane habits to a whole new universe of sounds and set us spinning on the dancefloors in the season to come all around the planet!


June 30, 2018

Compiled by Tiann
Mastered by BMR Ognen Zafirovski
Cover art by Joe the Glow

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