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After 20 years of dj-ing and recently being part of the Forestdelic team, this year I am very thankful to have the chance to compile this release and work together with very great and talented people from all over Europe. I would like to express my gratitude to Darko, Dahni, Kliment, Jukka, Tile and Dafy, Minas, Jack, Sergej, Nico, Artem, Nico Loom, Joe, Till, Daksinamurti / Sangoma Rec, Ogi, and my friends Korhan and Laura for their work, love, support, and effort and for staying behind me in good and bad days!
Also to my lovely daughter Joana who is proud of her daddy :) I hope you will enjoy this adventure of pure energetic sounds! A real journey through the deepness of the Jungle!
DJ Guwanej


 November 19, 2016

Compiled by Dj Guwanej
Mastering by BMR (Ognen Zafirovski)
Cover Artwork by Joe the Glow

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