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13. Sauria EP.jpg

Once upon a time, the lizard ran towards the sun to see what is beyond it. On the other side of time and space, the lizard began to dream about the future because imagination is the door to all new ideas and creations. The lizard took its nature of nimbleness and agility, of stealth and silence, of sacrifice and speed, the lizard considered all dreams and began to create a new reality, breaking with the past. A lizard basking in the sun and drinking the sun. And you, man, when the eyes of your heart are stirred up in the same way - look for the sun of justice, which will open the eyes of your heart. Meet up with your lizard and carry it into the light...


November 26, 2015

Written & Produced by Averin Andrii & Alexander Trufanov
Track No. 3 in collaboration Darko Toromanoski & Zoran Prodanov
Mastering by BMR (Ognen Zafirovski)
Cover Artwork by Joe the Glow

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