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12. Branch Nutation.jpg

Following the previous successful releases, twelve Forestdelic records release presents fantastic new, pure psychedelic compilation, carefully selected and compiled by DJ Damzah. Branch Nutation celebrates life cycles, as once held under the Sacred tree, where all come together to reunite their souls with spirits of light and darkness, in ritual dance. It celebrates life phases, regeneration, growth and evolution in the shadows of tree crowns where spirits will guide you through the ecstasy of dance to your true self. The driving basslines, lead synths and atmosphere of the compilation will guide your ear from the deep, nocturnal, towards the bright, auroral sounds.


November, 20 / 2020

Compiled by: Dj Damzah
Mastering: BMR (Ognen Zafirovski)
Cover Artwork: Tijana Šušnica

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